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Dear musicians,

as announced, we hereby call upon you to send us your reports on sexual, physical and psychological violence as well as all other forms of abuse of power at conservatories! We have set up a contact form that you can use to remain completely anonymous. You can find the contact form here:

At the end of the contact form, we have formulated a few questions to help you write your report. Of course, not all of these questions need to be answered, they should just give some “food for thought”. You will also find an example of the anonymization of a fictitious report there.

We have taken extensive steps to protect you and your privacy: our blog is now running on an encrypted connection (notice the “https”), we do not store any IP addresses of comments in our database and the IP addresses in our server log files are anonymized. The reports sent to us are stored in a VeraCrypt encrypted file.

We would like to publish your reports on this blog to finally give voice to those who have not been able to speak yet. Publishing your stories here can be a first step in dealing with those involved – but it does not have to be! Perhaps it is only relieving to talk about what has happened (or to write;)). However, this should not be some kind of “digital pillory”. Therefore, we will also anonymize the names of the alleged perpetrators.

Whenever accusations against a group or institution become loud, the counter-argument quickly comes, one can not conclude from a few on all. On the one hand, that’s right: we do not want to put all employees of the conservatories under general suspicion. Many of them have been doing a great and self-sacrificing job for years. But there is also the other side. This is what we want to make visible, because the argument can also be misused to refuse any action.

We would be very happy to receive many reports – first, to make it clear to the conservatories that things are not so easy to “sweep under the carpet”, and second, to show others that they are not alone.

We count on you!

Laura & Daniel

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