2. März 2021

“You play like trash”

Dieser Artikel wurde am 20.01.2021 auf Deutsch als Gastbeitrag auf dem Bad Blog of Musick veröffentlicht (→ „Du spielst wie Müll“ Gastbeitrag des „Harfenduos“ zum Thema Machtmissbrauch in der musikalischen Ausbildung). Die unten aufgeführten Geschichten haben sich in deutschen Musikhochschulen ereignet. Daher sind die Schlussfolgerungen, die wir am Ende ziehen, […]
21. Oktober 2020

Encounter with one of the greatest

Siegfried Mauser harassed Maria Collien in his office three times. Her testimony as joint plaintiff ensured that the former president of the Munich University of Music was convicted of sexual assault. We met her in Berlin and talked about her, her life and what really happened in the president’s office […]
1. Januar 2018

#metoo at conservatories – we will continue! (english version)

Slowly the football fever is coming to an end and we have time to turn our attention to other topics. And a very important topic right now is the #metoo debate at German conservatories. You know that we have spent a lot of time with this topic over the last […]
1. Januar 2018

Please send us your reports! #metoo #Musikhochschule (english version)

Dear musicians, as announced, we hereby call upon you to send us your reports on sexual, physical and psychological violence as well as all other forms of abuse of power at conservatories! We have set up a contact form that you can use to remain completely anonymous. You can find […]