#metoo at conservatories – we will continue! (english version)

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Slowly the football fever is coming to an end and we have time to turn our attention to other topics. And a very important topic right now is the #metoo debate at German conservatories. You know that we have spent a lot of time with this topic over the last few weeks. If you would like to read our previous posts again, you can do that here.

In our last post, we called upon you to send us your reports. We sincerely thank all who have done so far. You have shown great courage to break the silence and to go public with your story, in some cases after years. ‘But there are no reports on your blog!’ you may now say. That’s right, sadly so far very few people have agreed to publish their story. This shows how difficult it is still to talk about this topic and how important further investigations are. We do not give up: We continue to collect stories to publish on our blog. If you also have a story to contribute, you can still send it via our anonymous contact form.

Another problem is the confirmation mail that we need from you to publish your reports. Please check your inbox after sending us your report and send us a short confirmation. In order to avoid this problem in the future, we have changed the contact form so that you can already choose when filling in, if we can edit and publish your report directly, or if you want to send us a confirmation mail.

We very well understand that you are afraid of getting in trouble by letting your report being published. We too have already felt the headwind that unfortunately still seems to come with this topic. But we are there just to get that headwind and not you! Be courageous and send us your stories! Only then there is a chance that something will change, the perpetrators will be held accountable and future abuses will be prevented.

Laura & Daniel

It often helps to think outside the box and to see how the #metoo debate is being conducted in other areas. For those who are interested, we have collected a couple of newspaper articles (unfortunately only in German):

Das System (“The system”), report on the case of Dieter Wedel in ZEIT magazine
“Man fühlt sich, als ob man unter der Decke begraben liegt, unter die der Missbrauch gekehrt wurde” (“One feels as if one is buried under the blanket under which the abuse was swept”) by Evelyn Finger about the church sexual abuse cases in the ZEIT newspaper
“Me too” war ein Gesprächsangebot – ihr lasst es verstreichen (” ‘Me too’ was a conversation offer – you let it pass“) by Jagoda Marinić in the Süddeutschen Zeitung newspaper
Mindestens 547 Chorknaben wurden missbraucht (“At least 547 choir boys were abused“), report on the Regensburger Domspatzen in the ZEIT newspaper


And here again the most important articles about the Musikhochschule München:

Ex-Präsident der Münchner Hochschule für Musik muss in Haft (“Former president of the Musikhochschule München sentenced to prison”) by Ralf Wiegand and Susi Wimmer in the Süddeutschen Zeitung newspaper
Sex im Präsidentenbüro (“Sex in the presidential office“) by Martin Knobbe and Jan-Philipp Möller in the DER SPIEGEL magazine
“Ich schäme mich dafür” (“I am feeling ashamed for that“), interview with Moritz Eggert on Deutschlandfunk
Stellungnahme des Präsidenten zu Medienberichten im Mai (“Statement by the president on media reports in May”), press release by the Musikhochschule München
Externe Prüfung: Kommission unter Vorsitz von Dr. h.c. Hildegund Holzheid (“External examination: Comission chaired by Dr. h.c. Hildegund Holzheid”), press release by the Musikhochschule München

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